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Event Consulting

Are you a non-profit organization who is looking to raise funds, enhance visibility, engage supporters, and strengthen community relationships?​

Many non-profit organizations do not have the funding to hire a full-time fundraising events coordinator. Let me help with the ground work so that it is possible for your organization to develop innovative and creative events that stand out.

The image includes the logo for I Dream of Whimsy Event Planning and Consulting services.



Event Proposal

Event proposals are often required to attain board approval for creating a fundraising event. 

Let me help you create a compelling event proposal so you can get started on raising funds. 


Event Budget & Projections

A well-structured and transparent fundraising event budget along with compelling financial projections can instill confidence in your clients, stakeholders, and volunteers. 


Event Schedule & Checklist

I can provide you a well-organized and comprehensive plan that outlines all the necessary steps and timelines for successfully executing an event. 

Event schedules are adaptable and can be customized to suit different event sizes, formats, and objectives.

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